Emerald Viewer Review – Update

Emerald released version in a normal and optimized version today.The downloads have been temporarily taken down. The new install was breaking voice. If you broke yours, install the voice pack from the previous install (950). They are fixing it and downloads will be back ‘soon’. UPDATE: New files went up about midnight SLT.

I down loaded mine Wednesday and again Thursday morning.

I’ve had problems with both the new Imprudence and Emerald viewers in places like Caledo Steam SkyCity and Out of Control. After some time in the sim my FPS is dropping to 1 to 5. See the Imprudence Viewer Review for details from the quick timers (Shift-Ctrl-9).

False Positive on Anti-Virus

The 1101 version triggered false positive virus alerts in Avast Anti-Virus. That should make anyone nervous. Here is the information: Avast Web Forum Article

4 thoughts on “Emerald Viewer Review – Update

  1. I have to keep going into preferences periodically and turning breast physics off and then on again, because it stops working after a while. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Lots of people run into this. The breasts bounce is beta and several problems have been fixed already. Look on my Emerald Viewer Reviews Index page for sources where you can get more information. (scroll down) SLUniverse has lots of information and an active discussion.

  2. Hi ..I’ve been using Emerald for a while but these days i had to reinstall windows on my computer and now i can’t use emerald anymore ..Every time i install it and try to open it i get a message with an error saying the location where emerald is installed ( usually in Program Files ) and : ” This application has filed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem . ” . I’ve been reinstalled it many times and nothing ..i keep gettign this message . Pls , tell me what can i do to fix it ? Thank you !

    • Not having run into the problem I can’t be much help. Ask in the Emerald Group within SL for your fastest answer. For the best answer try Modular’s forum for Emerald http://modularsystems.sl/index.php?option=com_agora&Itemid=2

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