MeerKat Viewer Review


My Little World

I made an earlier post about exporting from Second Life to Open Sim. Now I’ve had a chance to play with the Meerkat Viewer.

As I wrote, anyone that is creating in Second Life now has the ability to export things they created in SL to Open Sim. For instance I have a house I built. I do not own land in SL so, it would be fun to put it in Open Sim and landscape around it.

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Second Live Viewer 1.23 RC 0


RC Viewer Skin Problems - Using 1.23.0

I mostly use Release Candidate (RC) viewers. The new RC viewer with the Reported ‘appearance’ problems is 1.23.0 RC. Note that by June the 1.23 viewer will likely be mandatory because of the Adult Content change over. However the Lindens will change schedules or fix the problem rather than upset everyone, so not to worry. Do know that by default in the 1.23 viewer you are set to PG/Mature. You must change to PG or PG/Mature/Adult. (More info on Adult Content: SL Adult Content Blog)

Probably the more serious problem is the RC 1.23.0 triggering a false positive in some anti-virus programs. That has been a show stopper. The requirement for RC 1.23 to be required for RC-users has been lifted because of that. Continue reading


OMG! This is so great! I just stumbled across it. Someone was using it in the IBM Sandbox. This organizer was made by Liandra Ceawlin. It is free and you can get it at her place. She has a few scripts she is giving away for free. They are worth having.

Liandra Ceawlins Chessboard

Liandra Ceawlin's Chessboard

She also made a huge chessboard/game. You can play chess.

She offers custom programming for SL.

The ECR&D (Explorer’s Community Research & Development – a Myst-Uru fan thing). Is studying textures in SL. They have Monday meetings. Contact me for more information.