Sansar – What is a Product Meet Up like?

Here is your chance to find out. Friday, there were two of these Product meet ups. I checked them out. You can find the schedule for meetings here. Friday morning’s meeting started at 9:30 AM PT. Another meeting of some kind was scheduled at 3PM and another Product Meet Up at 4 PM.

The Product meetings cover the same material in general. But, different people and different questions. I was too burned out to last through the second meeting. This 2-hour 15-minute meeting was tiring and I left early.

There is lots of interesting news. Most of the meeting is in voice. There is some text chat going on. The meeting moderators didn’t seem to be paying much attention to text chat. So, if you want to get noticed, have voice working.

Most of the people there are NOT using VR. One facilitator was and one wasn’t. So, avoid being bashful if you don’t have VR. Jump in with your desktop system and its boring old monitor.

In the first 15+ minutes, I was figuring out the audio. It is obviously location sensitive. Close, loud. Far away, whisper. The location used for audio is the camera location. Pressing F4 frees the camera. There is no support for the SpaceNavigator. So, I am using a combination of mouse and keyboard. Mostly sucks.

Mouse Steering – I use mouse steering in Second Life™. I found it works in Sansar too. F3 clamps the camera to the avatar. Right-click and drag, swings the camera around the avatar. Pressing W or Up while right-click-dragging the mouse allows one to steer while walking. The avatar turns to face camera direction when you start walking. Draging the right-click steers. Continue reading

Is There a Sansar News Source?

Yes. There is. Unfortunately, it is in the Sansar Forum, which is pretty lame and has no RSS feed which Feedly can find. There are some follow buttons on the Sansar Forum site now. You must be logged in for them to appear (work?). So, I suppose it is an email thing. I’m finding out.

Sansar Meet Up Aug 4, 2017

The meetings are held on various days. The most recent meetings were Friday (11th) and Monday (14th) with Friday’s meeting at Drax’s place 114 Harvest (URL) at 9:30 AM PT and 4:00 PM PT and Monday’s meeting at Strange Lights at 3:00 PM PT.

Watch the official ‘Sansar Meet Ups’ schedule here.

In Second Life, the use of meeting transcripts has been and is decreasing. The Content Creation UG meeting is in voice. Medhue and I video the meetings (no CC UG meeting this week or next) and post them to YouTube. Rex Cronon, a resident, used to create a transcript of the Server-Scripting UG meeting. The Server Beta group published transcripts of their meetings until mid-June then stopped. Continue reading