Second Life Tool nPose Change

nPose is a tool for adding animations to things. It avoids pose balls, handles multiple people and animations… generally a good useful tool. It isn’t the easiest to use but, once learned it is handy and quick. Today I saw a notice that Howard Baxton, nPose lead programmer, is stepping down. He provided this notice 11/12/2016:



Have no fear!  The future of nPose is solid and progressive.  The only difference is I will not be involved.  Leona has agreed to pick up the pieces and move forward.  Her scripting and organizational skills are far better than mine so expect nPose to have a new face lift.

Leona has been involved with nPose since before the 2.0 release and has made most of the contributions to what nPose has become.  I know she is working on even more exciting features which you will see in the next release.  I am very grateful for all of her hard work and feel badly I am leaving her even more.

Please give Leona all the same support you’ve given me.  She will give everyone a great and amazing nPose.



The nPose headquarters are here. (Map URL) You’ll find demos and tutorials on using nPose.

nPose V2 RC1 Available

According to a chat group announcement, the nPose-V2 RC1 and demos are available at nPose HQ (map URL).

nPose v2 RC1 Release - Sept 2015

nPose v2 RC1 Release – Sept 2015

Saturday,19 Sep 2015 18:54:25 GMT

It is a nice sunny day so everything is outside.

You gotta try out that piano, remember the sound clips are only 10 seconds long and doesn’t miss a beat.

All plugins have been tested and are up to their jobs.  Props and TempAttach plugins have changed.



nPose News

In Second Life we need poses and animations for furniture, vehicles, and on and on. The program nPose is one of the more popular tools for loading poses into things without having to use pose balls. Now there is a new release of the popular nPose program coming.

The official announcement:

Special Announcement

Wednesday,16 Sep 2015 02:12:43 GMT

With all these new features to come in the next release, it just isn’t possible to offer a clean upgrade path as has always been the case before.  We have come too far to look back now so this next release will be considered the beginning of nPose-V2.

What this really means is that existing builds will need more attention if you decide to update them to nPose-V2.  All plugins will have to be verified as V2 compatible.

The Great News is the groundwork for the first nPose-V2 has already been done.

Thanks All