Second Life’s GMAIL Problems

Honour has an article up on her blog showing some great pictures of Atlantas. But, she titled it: Google Really, Really Hates Second Life. So, what’s with that? The title and writing is because of Google’s adding to their spam filter. She points to Prim Perfect’s recent article on how to fix Google’s filtering of Linden email headed to you to via a GMAIL address.

The steps to fix the problem are easy but not intuitive. Nor is this a particularly noticeable problem. You may not notice the loss of these emails until you are looking for some specific email.

You can see if you are getting bit by this problem by looking in the left side menu of GMAIL. In the section of the menu with Inbox and Sent Mail you will find MORE. Click it and look for SPAM. Click SPAM and you’ll see the email going there. In SPAM, you will likely find email from: If so you need to fix your GMAIL. Continue reading

Google’s Plan for World Domination

Google's Panoramic Camera in backpack form named: Trekker.

Google’s Panoramic Camera in backpack form named: Trekker.

This isn’t domination in the sense of the Brain’s (Pinky and the Brain) world domination. But, it is about the world and Google’s ongoing effort to dominate the market for ‘WHERE” type questions. I think this gives one an interesting view of where we are headed.

See: Google’s Road Map to Global Domination. A New York Times article via Drudge Report.



Freedom of Information

The two countries most active in asking Google to remove content are Brazil and the USA.

Google has expressed the sentiment: The United States, too, has its fair share of censorship requests. While Google can’t be specific about legal matters, it appears that at least some of the requests come from overly-reactive local authorities.

Governments’ Attempts To Censor Google Have Doubled Since 2011

More details: Google Transparency Report

The Transparency Report

If you think Google, Yahoo, and Bing are providing equal access across the planet, think again. There are videos on YouTube that can’t see seen in some countries. There are search results that are not shown in some countries. It is not always the countries we may think of that are censoring our information.