Second Life Android Viewer

The Second Life Third Party Viewer Directory lists a new viewer for the Android 2.1 and up devices named LittleSight. It appeared on the list about September 3, 2013.

LittleSight Android SL Viewer - Image: Google Apps Store

LittleSight Android SL Viewer – Image: Google Apps Store

This is a Japanese made app. The current version according to the web site appears to be 1.2.0. But, on Google Play it is listed as version 1.4.1.

While it is listed as an app for Android 2.1 and up one user reports it working fine on 1st generation Androids. Since it is free-to-try there is little risk to checking it out.

The web site for the viewer is written in Japanese. Google Translate is not that good with Japanese. So, I find it hard to understand. That may explain my confusion over the version number.

LittleSight 1.4.1

LittleSight 1.4.1

The free app can be found on Google Play. But, it is not completely free. It may be better to call this a free to try app. The catch is you cannot teleport. You login to a single location, which you cannot select, until you purchase their service.

Users are rating LittleSight 3.1 out of 5 with 65 reviews. Mostly re views are good. Complaints I noticed are about earlier versions. It seems most of those have been fixed.

It appears to be a chat viewer for SL with the ability to use the SL World Map for navigation through SL, once you purchase the app’s service. I didn’t find a cost for the app’s service. Not having an Android I can’t really check it out.


Restrained Love Viewer 2.8.3 Released

A new version of the RLViewer was released and announced by Marine Kelly. RLV is for those that enjoy dominance/submission play. So, it or feature sets form its code are popular with numerous role play regions in Second Life.

This is a special viewer and has features and foibles that are atypical to other viewers. The install is unique as is the use of the viewer. Enough so that videos have been made to show people how to install it and use its special features and toys made for it. The basic viewer is as easy to use as Linden Lab’s viewers.

You can read about the new features and fixes in this version in the RLV Blog.

Download and Install

The download is a bit slow. It is 27mb so it’s not bad, two or three minutes. You can download the viewer from: Restrained Love Viewer Download. Pay attention to which version you download.

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Singularity Viewer 1.5.5 Review

A new release of the Singularity viewer is out. The Singularity Viewer download instructions and link are on the Singularity web site. Details of changes and the release notes are there too. Also the viewer has made it on Linden Lab’s SL TPV List. The viewer is in the second set of viewers where they are listed alphabetically.

Download & Install

Download file size is about 28mb. The instructions say to uninstall any currently installed version of the viewer. The uninstall program in version 1.5.3 does not clear the cache or remove the Singularity settings files. I chose to manually delete those files. The settings are in a file at and named: C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\settings_singularity.xml

The cache is located in: C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\SingularityViewer\

The Program Files folder for Singularity is removed.

The install is quick and no options are offered, so it is as simple as it can get.

However, the install associates SLURL’s with the Singularity Viewer. There is no option or choice, it just does it.

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Catznip Viewer 2.4.0 Beta 3 Review

Catznip Viewer Logo

Catznip Viewer Logo

This is my first look at the Catznip Viewer for Second Life and OpenSim. It appears this viewer is targeted at residents that want an RLV (Restrained Love Viewer) that uses the SLV2 user interface. The last release of the viewer was in December 2010. The author of the viewer is having computer problems, and that has slowed things down.

This is not a viewer on the TPV Directory. The author claims the viewer is TPV Policy Compliant. So, using this viewer is at your risk.

Kitty writes the Catznip Viewer Blog and does a good job of explaining features in the Catznip Viewer.

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Singularity 1.5.3 Viewer Review

Playing with the new group limit I was joining all the viewer related groups I found. The Singularity group is one I joined in the process. The other day that got me a notice that a new version of the Singularity Viewer is out. I’ve never used the viewer. For that matter I’ve never heard about it. It is not in the TPV Directory. But, I’m curious so I wanted to try it. I have an avatar just for testing viewers not in the TPV Directory.

The viewer’s web site is, of course, Singularity Viewer. It is a nice looking site. They have a knowledgebase, download, forum, and a link to the Github for the source code. The forum appears to be a Google Group, not what I think of as a forum.

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