nVidia Forum Back

If you are an nVidia owner and have used the nVidia forum, you know they closed it to upgrade it. It like many forums was being overrun by spammers. The forum has been down for weeks. Now it is open, as of November 1 or 12, depending on who you read.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – From Tom’s Hardware Review

The forum has been rearranged. CUDA developers now have their own forum. If you don’t know, CUDA is more for math geeks than gamer geeks. So, apparently they haven’t played well together.

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NVIDIA Driver Update 306.23

A new video driver is out from nVidia. The previous good one or at least one that worked for me was 301.42. Development for this new one has taken longer than usual for whatever reasons. But it is here now.

My nVidia 306.23 install is working with Second Life. No pink textures, which some nVidia users were starting to see. Pink textures are caused by the video card and the viewer getting out of sync on which textures are which. When the viewer can’t get a texture to display, it shows the texture as pink. So, while the problem is in the video card and driver the pink is the viewer’s error signal.

I did have a problem with the PhysX failing to install. I am researching that now. There are a number of known problems with this driver. See the nVidia 306.23 Release Notes (PDF file) for a list.

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GeForce GT 640 GPU Released

NVIDIA has released a new video card. New this card is retailing at US$110. It is considered a mid range video card. For Second Life® it is a decent card.

New GT 640

The card comes with 2 Gigabytes of Video Ram (VRAM).  It uses 65 watts of power, the same as a GT 440. The card is supposed to be 40% faster than the GT 440.

The GTX cards are better than the GT and GTS cards. However, this GT 640 does pretty well for the cost.


nVidia Driver Update

NVIDIA LOGO - Click for Download Page

nVidia has a new driver out today, version 301.42. This is the first WHQL-certified driver in the 300 release series.

This update provides WHQL support for the 600 series nVidia cards.

It provides performance improvements for 500 series cards.

There is a whole load of stuff added. FXAA has been improved to be 60% faster at MSAA 4x levels. Adaptive vertical sync has been added. I doubt the SL viewers can use that. Target FPS is included but games have to support it. Does SL? I don’t think so. But, I don’t know. New multi-screen, 3D Vision, and SLI features.

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NVIDIA Drivers Update Problems

In the previous article, nVidia Update and Goodies, I talked about the release of a new 295.73 version driver. Now we are getting reports of nVidia Driver 295.73 causing Second Life Viewers to crash. The Firestorm/Phoenix Development team is reporting Firestorm users with GTX460 cards and 295.73 are having problems.

This is not the first time we have had problems with nVidia 460 cards. See: nVidia Driver GTX 460 Problems.

For Those using nVidia 450 and 460 cards it is advised they roll back to driver version 285.62 WHQL.

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