Blossom’s Who? Moved Where?

Blossoms sent out a notice their store has moved to a new location. She now has a pretty store. Totally filled with strippible clothes. You know, the ones with the corny promo line, ‘OMG! So unexpected!’ Something Little Annie Fanny might say. Which as corny as it sounds to me is pretty much what happens… the unexpected part.

The region is also an interesting place to explore. Pretty and a little kinky. So, take a hunk of guy with you… or a couple of ‘em. (MMF or MFF – didn’t see FF) Buy a dress, avoid the ants, walk out to the pool or beach house and let him think he is seducing you.

New Blossom’s Store – 3/2018

If you find it, there is a Fountain of Youth. If only Ponce de León had known… (Actually, there is no historical evidence he was ever looking for or believed there was such a fountain. But, why let facts ruin a good story… the journalistic motto of our day.)

There are some good animations there. Some are by Eline Serendipity, owner of Mystic Fantasies (MPIn-WorldRP Area). The animations have great female and male hip movement, something that is hard to animate in SL. Wheee, so hot! 

New Blossom’s Store – right side of the image

Emily Blossom, the owner, was in her shop when I visited Monday morning. I suppose one never finishes tweaking on a store. I never seemed to. She was also helping customers while I was there, way neat. Then hanging out with a hunk. If my store had been this neat I probably would have wanted to hang out there too… or maybe it was the hunk…

She has a home-office-workshop there. Her laundry motto on the wall is similar to mine… :))

The clothes’ demos (for all top-selling bodies), at least the one I got, are not interactive, no scripts. They are only good for checking fit. I love my Slink body. The Blossom’s fit for Slink is not as skin-tight as I like, but close. There is some peek room for the pervs. 🙂 There are no poke-throughs when I walk. So, I definitely consider the stuff buyable and did buy a couple of items.

There was a little black dress with white lace (Linda Dress – Black) for L$295 I had to have.

My little black dress…

The dress I got actually fits better than the demo. O.O Surprise. The clickable part is separate, worn separately. A single cube that fits over the dress and is invisible. It shows when Ctrl-Alt-T is pressed. There are 4 states; Fixed – normal appearance, skirt up, breasts exposed, and no dress. Not as sexy a strip as I have seen, but I think it will get the engine started… such fun.

I mouse steer when in SL. So, the ‘stripper’ attachment is a bit annoying. I click to drag thinking I’m going to steer and get the popup dialog instead. I have to remember to click my head or legs instead of my body. Other ‘strippible’ clothes have the same issue… well, any scripted clothes actually.

The only thing I would do differently is to add a script to let the one wearing the dress know someone clicked it. Something I would put in the dress and if the stripping-control were not attached, it would let me know who was clicking.

Few stores are places to hang out for some attraction-action. Blossom’s is an exception. So, while it is about female clothes, it should prove interesting to guys…

Did you hear, the hot new pickup place in America is the grocery store? Really!?!

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