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Answering a question in the SL Forum Answers, I found that I needed to update an article I wrote on testing your Internet connection to Second Life™. It is creatively titled: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection. I posted it in October 2011.

At the time allowed one to test to a destination of their choice. has changed. Now one can only test to a nearby server from a list provided by I suppose the idea is one only need test from your computer to your ISP. I suppose that works for most people. For our testing purpose, it is now useless.

Speed Test – Image by Lunchbox Larry @ Flickr

The article is about specifically testing your connection to an SL server. So, I need a new speed test. I started looking for a good choice to add into the article. I came across LifeWire, which has a list of speed test sites. It shows as having updated 1m/2d/2018.

Those freaking out about being splashed with freedom from the repeal of Obama’s socialist pretend Net Neutrality, you’ll need these sites to see if your connection is being throttled.

From reading the page you’ll see the main interest is in testing the speed your ISP is providing. The question they are answering is, “Are you getting what you are paying for?” So, these sites do not really answer the question we are asking, “How good is my connection to an SL server?”

There is no way to actually get these tests to download a file from an SL region server. But, you can probably find a server in the city where the SL region servers live. Pulling the geolocation of a region server from the viewer’s HELP->ABOUT… ( I get San Jose, California.

A site named will let me select a server to test to. That is as good a bandwidth test to SL as we are going to get. You’ll have to check to see which servers your viewer is using, geolocate them, and then find a testing service with a server in that city.

You may have to work through the LifeWire list to find a service that will let you test to the city you want.

7 thoughts on “Internet Speed Tests

  1. (beta) works fine here. Yes beta, because the normal version need flash. And if your smart you not use flash anymore.

    Anyway, i can still select speedtest server to test to. Not sure if speedtest is different for every country. Or you missed a small link to change the server ?

      • You can type any place in the search box above the list of nearby servers. It’s not limited to those already in the list. If you type ‘San Jose’ you get a list of servers in San Jose. I hope that helps.

        • I had tried that and it hadn’t given me anything out side the San Diego area. Today, it does. I may have gotten a bad page load or they changed it. Whatever, I’ll have to change the article again…

          Thanks for your help.

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