Content Creation 2017 w48

This week the Content Creation UG met. There isn’t a lot of new news. We are at the point the Lindens are grinding out fixes. Developers are wanting to start building animesh products. But, the state of animesh just isn’t there.

I’ve used Medhue’s video. The audio sucks. I had my volume maxed and it was still a problem for some voices. But, you can hear most of it. My summary and index follows.

0:00 – The next Animesh viewer will be a merge of the existing main viewer, which is the Alex Ivy 64-bit viewer. There may be a couple of Animesh fixes in the release. But, primarily the change is to 64-bit.

1:17 EEP – Rider was on vacation last week. So, he didn’t get much done. He is currently moving things from the viewer into the sim host. Meaning the server side of inventory is being built. Rather than manually importing Windlight presets from other viewers and collection into the program folders, we will have inventory items. All those presets will be Windlight settings things we keep in inventory.

We may see an EEP project viewer soon after Christmas. How soon is ‘soon’? No way to know. My guess is by mid-January.

4:45 – Animesh – There is a problem with animesh appearance in the Baking Service. It has been revealed in the Animesh project that the service is having problems deciding if an animesh is or isn’t attached and how it does or doesn’t affect avatar height. Vir Linden thinks they have a fix. It is in QA. The fix is for the Baking Service.

6:30 – No meeting last week. Vir reminds the group that the last meeting there was a concern about using a non-mesh object as the root of an animesh object.

Medhue has experimented with using a prim root object for animesh. He finds whether he place the prim way low on the ground or way high in the air, the position of the animesh does not change.

Vir tells us the animesh skeleton is positioned by the location of the root object.

To me it sounds like Medhue is saying that doesn’t work. If the root prim is 2 meters below the base of the mesh object in the animesh set, I would expect the mesh to be 2 meters up in the air when rezzed on the ground.

10:40 – BUG-139336Feature Request: llSetAnimatedOffset() – A function to locally offset an Animesh character’s visual position and rotation. This is currently beyond the scope of Phase 1.

12:00 – No performance testing until animesh is feature complete. Cost factors, poly limits, and performance measure are last stage tasks. There are a number of bugs to fix, a couple of which are crashers.

15:00 – Medhue points out that the current testing limit is 20k polygons. That doesn’t leave much room for model testing. Vir, is hoping people are working on proof of concept stuff, not detailed models.

If people are ready for full detail models that suggests animesh as it is works for them. I doubt that is the case. But, it is possible.

Some designers are crying for 50k models. Remember the SL classic avatar is 7k. So, the current animesh poly limit is 3 avatar’s worth. I personally don’t see a problem. If I wanted to test modifying animesh linksets, I would play with way low polygon-count items. To me this just sounds like people being lazy and wanting to build and test ONLY their final model.

20:00 – Vir points out that the Lab is trying to avoid having animesh become the resource pig that avatars have become. Going ahead with an item that would allow the same abuse would be a disaster.

22:45 – Scaling animesh as we do avatars. When we change avatar height in Appearance we are scaling the skeleton up and the mesh body follows. So, far that is not part of animesh.

27:00 – How animesh will handle LoD? It is supposed to be similar to other mesh objects. But, Vir will have to look into how the system handles it now. If you have a good test object for animesh LoD, Vir would like to have a copy.

This discussion drifts off into Land Impact.

31:00 will there by an LSL function to toggle animesh on and off. Vir is aware of requests. But, hasn’t heard any compelling user cases.

A case is given, say one has steam engines. Turning off animesh would lower the Land Impact.

34:00 – News for Baking on Mesh? Not much top be said now. The Lindens are talking about how to implement for animesh. There is some available time coming up that can be used for the project. So, in coming weeks we will hear more.

36:30 – Work around for animesh linking problem.  Not really…

47:00 – Discussing the 90-degree rotation problems for some animesh things coming from Blender.

52:00 – End

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