Second Life News 2017 w22


The main channel got a new package: # This version has some fixes for the Parcel Access Override feature.

Blue Steel and Le Tigre get a new package: # This version fixes Parcel Access Override and  BUG-100704 “[Server] If Anyone Can visit is selected after Allow Group was set only group members can enter

Magnum is to roll, but as of today, it hasn’t been decided which package.

Wake up,rise and shine 😉❤️

Wake up, rise and shine 😉❤️

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – This one updated from

Second Life Voice Viewer version – This one didn’t update this last week. The viewer has a higher crash rate than the Lindens think acceptable. So, they have been working to make it better. In general this version changes:

  • Adds support for a higher quality voice
  • Fixes the apparent position of the speaker in nearby voice
  • Improves retry behavior when there are problems connecting or during temporary connection problems
  • Logs more detailed information to the Lab for quantifying connection issues
  • Improves security of the communication between the viewer and SLVoice
  • Unrelated to voice, improves the validation of TLS certificates (security improvement)

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – Still no change. But, work is said to be progressing.

Second Life Project Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change from last week.

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