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The main channel got an update Tuesday. This is the one with; several internal fixes and two new internal logging modes, another adjustment to fix issues with offline IM and Group Notice delivery reliability, and fixes an issue where large numbers of objects could be returned after a rolling restart.

Graveyard of the Butterflies - Monument

Graveyard of the Butterflies – Monument

The RC channels are getting two new packages. One is the one with increased population limits. That goes on Blue Steel and Le Tigre. The other has not been announced (TBD). It will be on Magnum.

At the Server-Scripting UG they claim the TBD is a top-secret project. You’ll have to decide if they are messing with us or being serious. Both are possible.

About getting into the new limit regions… The region you want to go into has to have the new software for the feature to work. The region you are leaving doesn’t, provided you are teleporting.

If you walk, fly, sail across the region boundary both regions have to be running the new software. As you approach a region boundary the server asks the destination what its capacity and population are. If the current server decides there is room for you in the destination region, it packs your stuff into a zipped data ball and tosses the ball to the destination region. On the old software, it won’t know about the new limits. So, it won’t let you go, even if the new region would accept you. It thinks it can save CPU cycles by not building the zipped data ball.

When you teleport the current region just packs your stuff into a ball and throws it. No checks. If the destination does not let you in, you bounce back.

Once all regions have the update, we can forget this odd case.


The main viewer is still version, the version released mid-March. This is the version that fixes snapshot-via-email. That change is propagating through the third-party viewers that got bitten by that bug.

I expect an update to the main viewer any day now. I think the possible candidate most likely is the Maintenance Version.

Second Life AssetHttp Viewer version – Has updated since last week. The previous version was

The previous Maintenance Viewer version has not changed.

This 360 Snapshot Viewer version is on hold waiting for Alex Ivy to go to RC status.

This previous Project Alex Ivy Viewer version has not updated.


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