Second Life: Prim Allowance

I’ve reported on the rumors that started in earnest Tuesday. There was a trickle of rumor the week before… what happened was the RC channels got the update from 15,000 prims to 22,500. A few people noticed and wondered, speculated. But, on Tuesday the main channel got the server upgrade that raised the limit on way more regions in the mainland.

The upgrade is rolling to the mainland as a test. Over the next couple of months it will continue rolling out to more of the grid. The private regions will be last as the Lindens want all the problems out before it moves to what they consider their premium product. Patrick would like to have it all rolled out before Thanksgiving (US holiday). But, the estimate is 2 months… he is being conservative.

There is an option to take a region to 30,000 prims. There will be a cost and there is a Premium membership aspect too. But, that may be a couple of months away. The 30 limit is toward the end of the testing period.

In testing they took the prim count up near 80-100k and found no measurable server side lag. However, it could be a problem for older computers. I’m so glad I built a new computer. Now if the Samsungs just weren’t burning up…

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  1. The swearing at about 5 minutes is the first recorded evidence of the existence of the long rumoured, never proven, Linden grid hamster .

    I believe her name is “Gloria”. She had not received a heads up about the prim increase prior to the meeting.

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