Second Life News 2016 w42b

Last week (41) Simon Linden told us about the new Sandboxes for the Premium members. I am just now getting around to writing that up. This week the new forced sit (llSitOnLink) for Advanced Experiences rolled to the main grid.



Premium Sandboxes

Premium members can now visit the “Sandbox Premium Weapons Testing” region. Plus, another group of regions is set up that runs all 4 groups of server packages. These are side-by-side, adjacent.

Simon says they are named, “Main Channel Sandbox A, Magnum Sandbox A, LeTigre Sandbox A, and BlueSteel Sandbox A. Those 4 I just listed are … they’re in a 2×2 square on the map.” 


It was pointed out that the new ACI has not stopped all graphics crashers. A problem within that system is the viewer currently must download an item to calculate its ACI. So, if downloading the item is the problem then ACI does not help.

Simon describes graphics crashers as, “…usually the “graphics crashers” are convoluted shapes that have a ton of overlapping and probably alpha surfaces.   They basically overwhelm the graphics card or trigger a crash.


I’ve covered the details in Second Life: New Forced Sit Coming and Second Life News 2016 w42.

It turns out there is a timing issue with the new function. Lucia Nightfire points out, “llSitOnLink() in on_rez() fires before any prior camera eye or lookat values are applied to the rezzed prim.

It’s fast as hell w/o the delay, I ‘m using a 0.25 delay, never played with faster times. I settled on fast enough, heh.

When it fails, you only have left and right controls, no camera following or rather, camera faux resetting with it’s called that camera eye and lookat offset force which are supposed to be a prim property.”

You can find the in function the Wiki: LLSitOnLink().

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