Second Life: Another Bento Head

Strawberry Singh recently revealed a test Bento Head made by Akeruka. Now the site Honey Junkie has an article showing a Catwa made Bento Head. See: Catwa Bento!

These heads are using the viewer’s shape panel to adjust the head’s shape. Daeberethwen Arbenlow has the thought that we will likely need multiple heads. I pretty much agree in the sense that we can’t deviate too much from the base look without getting distortions.

As you watch these reviews you’ll notice that some shape sliders don’t work. That is probably a metter of how the designers has weighted the head. I’ll point out the under bite slider not doing much is an on going source of problems. If you watch the Project Bento user group meetings you know teeth and lower lip overlaps have been an animation problem.

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Another Bento Head

  1. It looks great!! How would the Bento head appear in a viewer that is not the Bento release candidate, specifically Firestorm? Would it just appear as the basic mesh shape with no modifications?

    • Any mesh weighted to the new bones will not render correctly in a non-Bento viewer. If you click Bento in the tags and go back to the very early Bento articles there are some pictures. In general, the Bento avatar will have a Z looking shape… some part will stretch out a meter or two, bend 90 degrees, some more stretched parts… they are very strangely warped.

      Some third party viewers have added Bento render features. They will display a Bento avatar correctly.

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