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The main channel got a new package this Tuesday. This is the package that has minor internal changes. These are usually security and logging things. This particular version of the package was delayed a week to fix for BUG-37573 “Rez silently fails on RC Magnum, RC LeTigre and RC BlueSteel regions.”

The RC channels remain running the same package. No new package.

Voodoo Girl

Voodoo Girl


The main viewer is still version

RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – This version has updated from last week’s version It is the version with a number of new features.

People floater:

  • Searching for avatars in Friends and Nearby is easier now – you will see Display Name [ username ] by default. Hide via View/Sort options -> Hide usernames.
  • Eject/Freeze added to Nearby floater context menus for easier griefing response.

Object Bonus:

  • Added a warning dialogue to inform of potential massive autoreturn or impact to parcel prim budgets.

UI Scale:

  • UIScaleFactor, known internally as “dial-a-bug” can now be increased to 2.0. Dial at your own risk.


Appearance & JellyDolls:

  • Some cases of invisible avatars due to JellyDolls feature.
  • Appearance update was broken due to COF version getting out of synch. It will now be … *nsync.
  • Invisiprims are now preloaded and will remain transparent, not grey or black.
  • Maximum Complexity setting will be set to recommended setting on first run. A Default preset will be added based on recommended settings, but not applied, so your current graphics settings are unaffected.
  • Added “Show original” menu item to Appearance/Wearing tab.
  • Handled an unhandled error when deleting empty list of graphics presets.


  • Snapshots floater no longer gets stuck Saving to Inventory!

UI fixes:

  • You can minimize and un-minimize floaters all you want.
  • We won’t suddenly expand top folder in Inventory when you change a filter anymore.
  • Inventory floater: if you change settings in Recent tab, they’ll stick between logins now.
  • Japanese fonts fix for OS X El Capitan
  • You can now close the Build floater via Build menu when editing attachments in a no-build area.
  • Copy in Gestures panel will copy the name and not UUID of the gesture.
  • Notecards and Textures can no longer be deleted from the library.
  • Conversations floater won’t be covered by chat toasts. That was a regression from another fix, oops.
  • Various Minor UI cleanup (dead options, zombie labels, mesh upload naming, inventory tree indentation, error message on snapshot save, notification toast layout, worldmap search)
  • PERMISSION_DEBIT notification will always default to Deny now, even when it goes into your Notifications tray.


  • No more unlisting Marketplace listings when you edit them while inventory is still fetching.

Scripts & Particles:

  • PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE parameter no longer breaks scripts


  • We now prompt you to remove registry keys handling SL protocols during uninstall, instead of silently leaving them there.
  • We won’t request region capabilities twice when logging in anymore (thanks Ansariel!)
  • Wireframe mode: no more downloading surface textures.


RC Second Life Visual Outfit Browser Viewer version – No change from last week.

RC Second Life VLC Viewer version – No change from last week.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – I screwed up last week’s listing for this viewer. But, there has been no change. The project lead is back from vacation. So, we should see activity on this viewer.

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