Enchanting Second Life Video

Ben Ya Movie is a YouTube name. Ben Ya posted the video Second Life Beauties (6/2016). The images have been Photoshop’d… or he has a magic video card. But, I find it an interesting and well done video concept. A nice way to show off awesome photos.

Second Life Beauties

Second Life Beauties

Note: Embedding is disabled on this video. So the image is a link to YouTube.

The music is fitting titled: “Empire of Angels” by Thomas Bergersen. While there are sites claiming to provide free download of the mp3 version of the music, I didn’t find any that were not advertising injection scams. So, be careful if you attempt to download it for free. The music is on Amazon.

The YouTube name pairs to the Second Life name Benito Yalin. (March 05, 2007, which is almost exactly a year older than me.) Like most of us he separates RL and SL.

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