Second Life: Third Party Dev’s Meeting 2016-20

The meeting was short, about 18 minutes. Not much was talked about. But a little.



Oz mentioned the Quick Graphics viewer getting promoted to default viewer status. That is the Jelly Doll viewer, or more technically correct the Avatar Complexity Viewer. Oz says they are getting good reception in most places where people would scream or applaud.

A question was asked about collecting stats on avatar complexity and how many are being rendered/not-rendered. There are currently no reports providing that information, but some of it is being collected.

Oz has been in California during week 20 and at the Linden mothership. While there he learned about new stats abilities the Lab has. So, we may eventually get some information on what people are doing.

There is the ooooollllldddddd question about how many are using ALM? We might get an answer, but I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

As for coming viewer development, Oz says they have lots of bug fixing on the schedule. He also expects to be able to get back to working on the 64-bit version of the Linden viewer.

The Lindens also have a strategy for replacing Quick Time. He is feeling good about that work and how the viewer will handle media in general after QT is replaced. But, there will be some QT content that the viewer is unlikely to ever render again.

While in California OZ and team were testing the newest iteration of SL Rift viewer. Oz is hoping to have revised version of the Rift viewer out in a couple of weeks. Keyword, hoping. At this point the viewer is looking good and still has some things to fix.

Pretty LeeAnne

Pretty LeeAnne

It does sound like we are getting close. So, you might start preparing to hold your breath…

Oz said the SL team is shorthanded at the moment and it is a temporary situation. But, there is only one job opening and it is in QA… So, may be it is a vacation thing?

The Lab is considering the Firestorm release plans. I suppose that may figure into the Bento release process. Or there might be something else a foot. Way hard to know.

Project Bento, may have new version of its viewer out in week 21. It has a new reset-skeleton feature. Often when an animation deforms an avatar there are problems undeforming it. This reset feature should solve that problem and recover the avatar, which will be Pretty Cool.

Oz is saying they are close to opening up Bento uploading on AGNI, the main grid. But the final release of Bento is NOT close.

Recent voice problems are from DOS attacks on Vivox servers, the company that is contracted to provide voice services to SL. LL and Vivox working together to more quickly stop the attacks. There is some new code coming to help with recovery.

One manifestation of the attacks is a whispering like voice. Not much LL can do about it.

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