Second Life: Strawberry’s Dance Meme

Strawberry Singh is a Second Life™ blogger, fashionista, maker of tutorials, and fun personality. This week she has a meme about dancing in SL. See: Dancing in Second Life 2016 Challenge!

Strawberry posted this and other videos on YouTube.  She also uploaded her 2014 dancing challenge. That popped up on my phone… The 2016 version is much sexier… 

Strawberry has an agenda, to get more SL users posting on YouTube. For my own reasons I consider that a worthy goal. Strawberry doesn’t state her reasons. But, if you have watched SL video on YouTube you may have noticed they tend toward the rude, crude, crass, and vulgar. Your opinion of those mindless videos will likely engender the impression I have of most social media, far too many mental midgets posting. One watching those mindless videos is unlikely to expect to find a rocket scientist …or much of any intelligence… in Second Life.

I assume Strawberry is hoping to get more creative people posting Second Life related content to YouTube. Basically, improve the apparent IQ of SL users. To achieve her goal, Strawberry should have asked people to include the words ‘Second Life’ in their title and tags. Searches for Second Life fail to turn up most of these videos.

Strawberry asked questions for the 2014 meme. One of the questions not asked is: where do you like to dance?

I used to be at Dance Island several times a week. Not so much now. When I went today, I was surprised at how much the place has changed. They have always changed the dance club building. Now they have changed the stores outside and shrunk things down to 1 region.

Lag is as bad as ever. I had a lot of trouble with current default Linden viewer. Turning its graphics quality to low I still was only getting 2 to 8 FPS and even with decent ping the viewer controls were intermittent. Jumping home I was surprised to find I was only getting 16 FPS on low!?! Changing to MID I jumped up to 50 FPS… I need to do some experimenting and see what’s up with that.

Caitlin has posted about the meme in: ‘Like no one is watching’. She is pointing out the challenge is not so much the dancing as it is filming the action. I found that to be true, especially when I was dancing on a pole. But both she and Strawberry, have tips on how to do the filming.

Seems several people have done a pretty good job…

Below I have my video for this meme.

I think I spent more time looking for a deserted place with a good dance pole than I did dancing and filming. Even then I had to contend with a few inappropriately dressed males, but considering the location that is to be expected.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the info Nalates and for participating in the meme yourself. Great points you have there about adding Second Life in the tags and such, I’ll update the meme put that in. Thanks again! <3

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