Second Life 2015 Review: August 2015

This is the eighth of probably 12 articles reviewing mostly the technical changes made in Second Life™. Click the Annual Review in the TAGS drop down to the right or at the bottom of the post to see the other months.

...Under The Sea...

…Under The Sea…

Review: August 2015

Brooke Linden announced migration to the Viewer Managed Marketplace had completed. This was announced at the first Third Party Developers’ meeting in August. 


  • SL Main Viewer 3.8.2-303891
  • RC Second Life VMM Viewer version
  • RC Second Life Importer Viewer version,
  • RC Second Life Maintenance Viewer version,
  • Second Life Project Notice Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version
  • Graphics Quick Preferences – in pipeline, no release first part of month
  • Complexity Limits Viewer – in pipeline, no release first part of month
  • Second Life Project Quick Graphics Viewer version – Combines Graphics Preferences and Avatar Complicity LIMITS.


  • Firestorm Viewer 4.7.3-47323 – I review this version in a couple of articles. Click Firestorm in the Categories drop down to see all the Firestorm articles.
  • Alchemy Release 3.8.2
  • Black Dragon Viewer
  • CtrlAltStudio Viewer based on Firestorm 6.9
  • Kokua- Test
  • Cool VL Viewer
  • Singularity Viewer 1.8.6
  • RLV Version 2.9.12
  • UKanDo Viewer 3.8.3

More work was in planning for the Parcel Damage system.

August saw a change to how Grid Status reporting is handled. See: RSS Feed for Grid Status.

Oz Linden was expecting to have a CEF RC Viewer released in October.

Zombie Eye became a problem this month.

The Lab was researching inventory loss and planning changes. Also, the viewer caching system was being considered and evaluated in relation to the new CDN system. See: Second Life Viewer Cache.

There was discussion about being able to sell Experiences, those that use Experience Tool Keys. It is unlikely.

The Reshade add-on for viewers came out.

This month also saw outrage from those that had no clue about the Viewer Managed Marketplace and were shocked to find the Lab had made the change and didn’t tell them.

PaleoQuest opened.

I try to put Second Life’s shrinking user base in perspective by pointing to World of Warcraft. See: Second Life Week 32

Lumiere Noir, the builder of the Ivory Tower Library of Prims, passed this month.

Project Sansar is appearing in lots of gaming news articles.

Windows 10 arrives.

Strawberry Singh was bouncing her boobies to illustrate how Avatar Physics work with fitted mesh.

Blender 2.75a released. Machinimatrix opened the Avastar Show room. I posted a tutorial on how to migrate your Blender settings to a new version install.

Canary Beck wrote about those keeping RL and SL separate. See: Are You Keeping Your RL & SL ID’s Separate?

This is the month Justin Clark-Casey moved away from OpenSim development to take a new job. See: Admired leader leaves OpenSim for bio research.

I found Dolls & Daemons.

YouTube Gaming made the news. YouTube Gaming and Second Life.

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