Second Life 2015 in Review: May 2015

This is the fifth of may be 12 articles about 2015. – To find the collection of Year End Review articles look in the right-hand column for the TAG’s drop down and click: Annual Review.


ROCHE – May 2015

Second Life in Review: May 2015

The first 10 days or so of May I was traveling. 


  • RC  Layer Limits Second Life 3.7.29-301305
  • RC Second Life Big Bird Viewer version
  • RC Second Life Experience Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Importer Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version

At the end of May I wrote about how badly my viewer sucks.

We find out this month that Snapshots as Emails will remain a feature of Second Life. Along with that news comes word that we will have a new unified snapshot panel.

We got a diagram of the SL network architecture. See: New Second Life Network Architecture.

Simon Linden gives us a little information on the work they are doing to get more people into a region. We haven’t heard much about this since then. So, could this be another surprise like December’s news on more avatar bones?

We got some tips for improving render speed: Second Life: Render Speed Tricks.

Firestorm released viewer 4.7.1-45325. The version seems to have memory leaks.

We learn that the Samsung VR headset will be using the Galaxy S6 screen.

RLV 2.9.10 released this month.

Medhue has another tutorial out: Using Morph Keys.

This month saw a renewed discussion on how Second Life™ should be depicted in the media. The discussion was mostly about how to include or exclude information about sex in SL. See: Second Life and Adult Sex. Also see: Second Life in the NEWS.

Later in the month a survey on SL sex being more fun than RL sex comes out. Is Second Life Sex More Fun than RL Sex? I followed up on that with: So… How Sex Crazed is Second Life?

Twitch bans users of SL as the possibility for showing adult content is too great.

This month the Linden announce they will be giving premium members 60 groups.

The discussion on whether SL will close keeps coming up.

Tutorial: Second Life Masking

AvaStar 1.5 released. Part 2 of Journey to Fitted Mesh came out.

The Meet a Linden events débuted this month. This is an occasion for users and Lindens to meet.

The Lindens were at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meet up. Second Life at SVVR 2015 – Conference & Expo.

Vivienne Daguerre changes her region into an art region. See: New Art Region.

Preview copies of Windows 10 came out this month.

MadPea’s UNIA opens.

Canary Beck helps guys get laid: Hooking Up in Second Life – Lessons.

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