Second Life: New Animation Overrider

While the AO is rez’d, you drop animations on it. Once you have them all in, take the AO back into to inventory and then wear it. By default it attaches to the upper center (TOP) HUD attachment point. The HUD is positioned to the left. (I’m using FS 4.7.5.) Starting out all your animation load into the DEFAULT set. You can start using the AO and it will animate your avatar. No note cards and no other complicated set up.

But, there is a couple of gotchas. When you first put on the AO watch the local chat. You’ll see the AO announce it has finished loading, Default Set, animations, and dances. Wait for it to finish. I didn’t and did not have any serious problems, but I was wondering why it wasn’t working as I expected. I didn’t have problems when I give it a minute or two.



Also, NITRO does not know what every animations in SL is. Is it a walk or sit? You may have to tell the AO what it is dealing with. But, NITRO has a feature to reduce the number of unknown animations. I’ll get to that.

Pressing the CONFIGURE button in the HUD you are taken to a web page where you can do all the setup that used to have to be done in note cards. Much easier in a web page.

Once you have loaded the AO the web page looks like this. The red animations are ones that NITRO does not recognize. Notice in the second column of the ‘YOUR ANIMATIONS’ section red animations are labeled UNKNOWN. I can select what type of animation the item is. Fortunately most are named such that you can tell.

If you have UNKNOWN items in your list, you’ll find the gotcha. The AO won’t know what they are and may use them in odd places. Your trying to select STANDS and the AO is giving you dances in your stand selection list. No fun.

Once you ID an animation, NITRO adds the name and type to its database. The next user won’t have to identify the same animation. NITRO will know. It learns. Once this step is done, nothing more is required. You can now use the AO. But, you can go on to build your own sets of animations.

That third column with 30’s in it is the duration of the animation. I don’t know a good way to figure out how long an animation is, other than time it. So, I left all mine at 30 seconds.

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2 thoughts on “Second Life: New Animation Overrider

  1. I’ve had the AKEYO Power AO for years now. Is this Nitro AO marginally better? Is it a replacement for the Power AO?

    • I haven’t looked at the Power AO, so I can’t really say. NITRO is advertised as newer.

      I am curious. Did you see me mention any feature in the NITRO that isn’t in your Power AO?

      As of yesterday (12/17) I had not heard back on the stack overflow. I have a new viewer version, so I’ll be retesting.

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