Second Life Bits – Week 49

No Blogger Illuminati

No Secret Bloggers Club… Really!!! Honest! See: Exclusive – There Is No Secret Second Life Bloggers Club



I think this is funny. There are people that are friends with various members of the development community, Linden and third party. It isn’t so much that developers help out their friends more than others as it is familiarity with a person allows you tell when they are up to something or holding something back. That is a sign to start digging.

Often we know a new shinny is coming because people start clamming up. 

Bright Canopy

Bright Canopy bought by Frame. This is the service that replaced SL Go. See: Frame takes over OpenSim, SL streaming firm Bright Canopy. I’m guessing it is hard to get a profitable financial model for game streaming to mobile devices.

New World

A new OpenSim world, Utherworldz, is opening. It focuses on adult content. It is a Hypergrid world. The grand opening party is scheduled for today, Friday Dec. 4, at 3 p.m. Pacific time. Hypergrid teleport to Reception.

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