Blender Interesting – Sansar

This is just a fun video showing what one person made in Blender.

I wonder about making a comparison between Blender and Project Sansar. It is obviously more technically complicated to make a yard, house, and environment in Blender than it is in Second Life™. The learning curve in SL is high but Blender has a much higher learning curve.

So, will Sansar be a Blender-like creative tool with an intuitive user interface and presets for worlds? We will have to wait to find out.

Did you notice how the facial expressions used? I expect this level of facial control in the Sansar avatars.

2 thoughts on “Blender Interesting – Sansar

  1. When SL started in June 23, 2003, the blender foundation was already around from a year earlier in May 2002. The may 2003 Blender release was 2.23 . There was even a web base blender viewer available in 2009 , blender 2.43 release . History show us that both Linden Lab and Blender foundation Philip Rosedale, Ton Roosendaal never got toghether to unify the interelation between the creative tool and virtual world rendering.

    As you know the two software are hardly compatible except via scultpy map export with support from Domino / Gaia tool or lately through dae Mesh and again help from the great soft these guy did.

    It would be sooo great to take a direct blend file in the future SL2 rendering scene engine or in high fidelity.

    Why not?…

    • Consider all the stuff that is a modeling file, mesh, environment, animation, sound, lighting… it is way easier to make and maintain importers for parts of model than try to do everything in one importer. But, it does sound like Sansar may let us build a world in a modeling program and bring it in.

      So, we may find we can build a world, land, ocean, sky, etc. and include buildings and plants in a modeling program and bring it in. I expect animated avatars. clothes, animations, cars, and lots of other stuff to still be separate imports.

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