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Indie Teepee is new to me. I find it is an annual music, arts and shopping festival, held from the 10th to the 24th of July. The event will feature music, live performances, a drive-in machinima screening, original mesh designers and art installations. Sounds interesting.

But, in, I guess, a spin off there is a podcaster covering Second Life™ in a series named Indie Teepee. Oddly enough I ran into all this on Facebook while following up on the SLUniverse article asking designers to stop using Firestorm, which I still think is an odd way to go about fixing a lag issue in SL.

Episode 6 (May 2015) of the series is an interview with Paolla Flux (from Reverie) and Rucy Byron (from Aphorism). This is a great podcast for those looking to start making clothes for Second Life. Plus they get into render weight.

In general the podcasts are about art, fashion, machinima-film, and music. Interviews are with people from the creative side of SL. So, this is quite different from my usual fare of what is technically happening in SL.

Including music brings up interesting IP rights issues. This podcaster has an agreement with MixCloud. That allows them to legally include music by musicians we all know. This podcast has music made by the Rolling Stones.

MixCloud also has a negative restriction, you cannot scrub backward in the audio, only forward. So, if you miss something and want to replay what was said, you are out of luck. Nor is there an easy way to restart the audio and scrub forward. Once you have reached the end, you can start over. Annoying.

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