Windows 10 is Almost Here!

Cortana is going to be built in. So, whether you are running a desktop or mobile device you will have the same dumb AI trying to help you. This is an area where I start to have problems with Microsoft. They are targeting some imaginary mental midgets and providing little for the power and everyday users. Power and everyday users have to figure out how to get the supposedly helpful but annoying apps out of their way so they can work in whatever way they have. More and more this is an issue. Samsung and AT&T messed up my phone with their latest update. I an still pissed at all the white in the interface now that burns up battery.

Cortana is limited by which languages it can handle; United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. There are also limitations based on the microphone your device has.

There seems to be a Twitch competitor coming with Win10 for the XBOX. They are not clear about how it works, but the idea is you can stream game play in a way I think is like what Twitch does. Our question is going to be whether this is limited to XBOX as the source or whether any game running on Win10 can be streamed? And will Microsoft duck on the adult sex parts of gaming and VR?

Microsoft management has changed since the development of Win8. No surprise. They should have been fired. This new team is competitive. They are making better built in apps and making Win10 more compatible for app makers. It should be easier to port apps to Win10 from Apple, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Win10 will run on ARM platforms, meaning smaller tablets and smartphones.

Win10 is supposed to faster than Win7 and 8.


When you upgrade to Win10 you are going to lose some things. Floppy drives are out. Well, I’ve thrown away all my floppy disks. That is not a real loss.

Desktop gadgets are going away. I don’t have any. Even in Vista I only used one or two.

Win10 will not have a DVD player at initial release. It is unclear to me if they will add one later. So, plan on getting a third party player like VLC.

The Xbox Music and Xbox Video streaming apps will also be constrained by the complex web of region-based licenses.

Windows 10 Home users will not have the option to NOT install updates. Those will be forced. Pro and Enterprise users will have the option to defer updates. I’ll take this as a step to move Windows farther into a war time footing. The owners of machines running HOME are probably being profiled as the ones most likely to allow them to be zombified. So, big brother is going to take of them.

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8 thoughts on “Windows 10 is Almost Here!

  1. First thing you need todo with windows 10. Install Classic shell to dump that terrible start menu and replaced it for how a start menu need to look and work. A start menu is not advertising space with free puzzle.

  2. I installed Windows 10 last night on a lightly-loaded computer I keep for guests which was previously running Windows 8.1 and it took about an hour to update. It preserved all of my programs and settings except an nVidia video driver and Dropbox, which I had to reload.

    I started up Firestorm Viewer, and it seemed to work fine.

    My next test will be a Windows 7 computer with a standalone installation of Opensim.

    • As an update to my previous post, I have updated my Windows 7 Diva Distribution Standalone grid computer to Windows 10. Surprisingly, it went even cleaner than the Windows 8.1 update I did earlier. My grid is now running on Windows 10 (Sorry, the grid is not externally accessible due to issues with my DSL modem / firewall).

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