Second Life Viewers Week 17 #2

I was surprised to see the RC Tools Update Viewer version promote to the main viewer. This is two updates in one week…

Jada Is Super Serious On Killing Stormcloaks..

Jada Is Super Serious On Killing Stormcloaks.. by Christina, on Flickr

That leaves two RC viewers on the list this morning.

  • Experience Viewer version
  • Layer Limits Viewer version

However my Second Life 3.7.28 (301019) Apr 16 2015 (layer Limits) viewer is very crash prone. Poof, viewer gone. Also, using this viewer my frame rates suck and I get lots of jerk. Ping and server side looks good. But, this viewer is not ready for release. I may have to dump it and roll back to the main viewer or switch to the Experience Tools RC Viewer.

Experience Tools is waiting on server side changes. Oz says they are making good progress on this project. There is some problem they are trying to fix. Until they have this project to the desired level of polish it isn’t going to release. We may see a project viewer advance past these two RC’s. Otherwise I am betting on Layer Limits being the likely candidate for promotion.

Project Viewers:

  • Project Big Bird Viewer version – No Change
  • Project Importer Viewer version – Updated 4/22
  • Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version – No Change
  • Project OculusRift Viewer version – No Change

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