Second Life Games: The Bushido Challenge

Second Life has a number of in-world games… we probably need a better word than game, which is nebulous and ambiguous. Whatever the case, Honour McMillan has found, what I’ll call, a puzzle-adventure game called The Bushido Challenge.

~Modern Punk~

~Modern Punk~ by Luaflor Moo, on Flickr

She has photos and a bit of the story. It should give us something to do while we wait for UNIA to open. You’ll find this game in-world in Soyokaze.

It is a challenging game. If you like puzzles, like the Myst game, this will be something I think you’ll enjoy. I have yet to figure out how to use the talking monkeys to get hints. Its fun. I have yet to solve the game.

There was one player solving the ladder puzzle. He could see and find the parts but not the assembled ladder. I assumed he needed to relog. I suggest you wait to assemble the ladder until you find the hint about monkeys…

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