Second Life: Viewer Managed Marketplace

VMM or Viewer Managed Marketplace, is getting close. There is a recent wiki page that was created in November 2014 that has just updated. The beta testing information is still there. It instructs one on how to get involved in testing and refers people to the LS Knowledge Base for more details on using VMM.


Princess by Iris Okiddo, on Flickr

See: Viewer-managed Marketplace (Beta) 

One of the significant considerations for the release of VMM is when the Firestorm Viewer can add the feature. The viewer code is out. So, it is reasonable to think they FS Team is busy integrating the code into the FS Viewer and testing.

Today is the Third Party Developers’ UG meeting. I suspect we will hear about the timeline for the Firestorm viewer. Also, we are likely to hear of VMM will be included in the next release, tentatively planned for May. If VMM cannot be included in the next release, anticipate another Firestorm version release in June. I can’t guarantee that. But, both the Lab and the FS Team want to get VMM out as soon as possible. We will pretty much know today what is happening for FS and VMM today, probably by the time you read this the meeting will be ongoing or over. I’ll get to it later this weekend.

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