Second Life: Fantasy Faire 2015

The SL Blogosphere is abuzz with word that the Fantasy Faire organizers are taking applications from bloggers… I wonder if my readers are  mostly other bloggers. Looking at my stats, no… not possible. There are not anywhere near as many SL bloggers as I have daily readers… I eliminate the fashion and porn bloggers in my thinking because I am pretty sure I don’t have enough of their favorite fare here. So, that eliminates lots of SL bloggers from my counting.

Ginger Snaps - Do you Wanna see the Girl who Lives behind the AURA?

Ginger Snaps – Do you Wanna see the Girl who Lives behind the AURA? by Ginger Krokus, on Flickr

Fantasy Faire will be open to the public from April 23 to May 3. This is the 7th annual faire. It supports Relay for Life. It is also a fun time with some exceptional builds and places to explore. 

I do think the Faire organizers have a great idea. They are challenging bloggers to take on one or more of three challenges;

Create a character from goods found in the fair, pick a place in the regions for them to live (pretend I think), and create a story around them. Serious role players will probably enjoy the challenge.

Find a merchant you have never seen before and find something of theirs you like and blog about that. This one seems s bit self serving, at least to me. But, this is what fashion bloggers do. They find the stuff that excites them, that they want to share,  and they think will excite their friends and readers. So, I suspect there is a goodly number of people that will find it a f un challenge.

The last is about an interesting sharing… giving testimonial to why you participate in Relay for Life. For many this is about what has touched them in their life and lead them to participate in RFL in some way.

There is pretty much something there for everyone. Of course you don’t have to register to write about RFL or Fantasy Faire. The Faire people make that clear in their announcement.

So… why would you want to register? Well, it gets you early access. You can get in before they open the doors. You can photograph the regions before they get crowded and lagged. Also, it gets you a chance to write for the Faire’s web site.

I like seeing people in the regions. Often the people are the most interesting thing in the regions. You see a few of the people-pictures I take when I visit events appear in my blog. There are some gorgeous avatars in Second Life… luscious ladies and hard hunks… yum.

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