Second Life Viewers 2015 Week 13

Kokua 3.7.26-35224 Released

The Kokua team seems to now be generating a steady stream of viewer releases. A week ago they release this new version. This Kokua viewer is on par with the SL Viewer 3.7.25-299021. The SL 3.7.25 version was a maintenance release with mostly bug fixes.

With this release the dual releases of Second Life and OpenSim versions stops. This version runs on both SL and OS grids.

Rejoins moi au salon rouge

Rejoins moi au salon rouge by Cherry mood, on Flickr

SL Viewer

The main viewer is 3.7.25-299021. 

The RC and project Viewers out this morning are:

RC Experience Viewer version – This is the project viewer for the new Experience tools feature. I understand it is mostly complete, if not the final version. ET is held up on server side work.

RC Hover Viewer version – This version has the new avatar height adjustment feature. Avatars should do better sitting on things and having feet in touch with the ground.

RC Maintenance Viewer version – This version has a number of fixes. A few are:

  • snapshot floater & email
  • de-cluttering dialogs
  • appearance editing
  • rendering performance under some conditions
  • UI & keyboard bugs
  • camera bug in snapshot floater
  • performance
  • build tool
  • link parsing and display behavior
  • crash fixes
  • materials
  • sun position

RC Tools Update Viewer version – I am expecting this viewer to be promoted to the main viewer this week. But, that depends on data coming back from user crash reports.

This version is built with the new Build Tools. It is a pivotal viewer. Once it promotes to the main viewer, all RC and Project viewer will be re-compiled with the new tools. All future viewers will be made with the new tools.

This significance to users is that none of the viewers compiled with these tools will run on Windows XP or Vista. Those running on Win 7 or 8 should have a better experience.

 Project Importer Viewer version – This is the project that adds more faces to our imported mesh creations and other mesh related fixes.

  • New Mesh importer reports many ‘MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES’ warnings
  • ImporterDebug debug setting is missing from loader mods viewer
  • Viewer crash in LLModel::isMaterialListSubset
  • [loader mods] triangle limits from .slm are ignored when uploading the model the second time.
  • Crash when uploading mesh lod files with non-matching object names.
  • [loader mods] creating a mesh from disparate models no longer works
  • [loader mods] viewer crashed when uploading a large mesh
  • [loader mods] viewer crash when uploading shiprigging88b.dae
  • [loader mods] name based matching doesn’t stop misnamed models from uploading.
  • [loader mods] viewer does not display error when Material is not a subset of reference model.
  • [loader mods] door model is missing triangles when uploaded.
  • [loader mods] teamcity linux build fails
  • Present informative dialog if mesh upload fails due to specific reason

Project Layer Limits Viewer version – This viewer changes how our system clothes, tattoo, and alpha layers work. They will be like attachments now. We can have as many layers on an ‘attachment point’ as we want as long as the total of all our layers does not exceed the max limit.

The release describe the change in more detail:

The Layer Limits viewer changes the logic for what limits are enforced on clothing worn by avatars. Previously, we restricted avatars to 5 items per type of each type of removable clothing wearable such as shirts, pants, jackets, tattoos and alpha masks. With this viewer, we instead enforce a total limit of 60 wearables of all such types combined. So if you really want to you can wear 60 tattoos as long as you wear none of anything else.

These changes do not apply to body part wearables (skin, shape, hair, eyes), for which the limit is still one of each, and do not affect attachments, for which the limit is still 38 total.

Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version – This project changes how we will place items into the marketplace.

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – We know this one…

2 thoughts on “Second Life Viewers 2015 Week 13

  1. I am unclear about what the Project Importer Viewer achieve. Does it indeed grant us the use of more faces in meshes, or instead, it split the mesh you are uploading automatically, maintaining the current faces but doing the process easier (supposedly).

    Two very different concept to reach a similar conclusion. I can think of cases where the second solution is not optimal tho, as it could take away control from the user hands and produce random results. It should be not the case if you stick your face use to 8 i hope, because splitting the mesh can have some undesired effects on LI for instance.

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