Second Life Bits 2015-08


The fund raiser runs from February 21 to March 7. This is a Relay for Life fund raiser.

To raise awareness of the fund raising effort the organizers what people to paint Second Life purple. Color your avatar, shops, homes, whatever purple.

Paint SL Purple

Paint SL Purple

You get a free make it purple kit here: SURL.

A kickoff party is planned for Saturday 2/21 at 4PM on the American Cancer Society Island. It is expected to last until 7PM to 9PM when Special Guests Satin & Erin along with DJ Dianne Wycliffe will be heading up the party. 


Inara has found Lusus Saule creating art and displaying it in Second Life. Lusus is using Mandelbulber. The end of December I posted Mandelblub 3D and Second Life, about similar software that us used to create 3D Fractal images. Neither is particularly easy to use or understand. But, they are fun and you can open them and just do stuff.

Mandelblub 3D Generated Image

Mandelblub 3D Generated Image

Lusus has also added Droste images to his (her?) exhibit.

For more information about Lusus see Inara’s The mathematical artistry of Lusus Saule.

Yoga Pants

If you haven’t heard, some Republican nut in Montana (USA) introduced a bill to essentially ban wearing yoga pants in public. (Reference, reference) The clown is now saying it was just a joke… writing a bill and submitting it to a state legislature is not something someone does as a joke. We don’t need to be reminded of how stupid a ruling political class can be. But, I think many have failed to notice how fascist our politicians and culture are becoming. We are on the verge of losing all our freedom. Being told in more and more detail even what we can and cannot wear is just another attempted step on that road. Then to tell us, Oh it was just joke… What an idiot.

The Test

Lindal Kidd has taken on Strawberry Singh’s recent challenge and her answers are up: How Into SL Are You?

Strawberry’s meme is here: Have you ever SecondLifed Meme.

Most of the questions touch on milestones of our lives in Second Life. Like; have you created content?

The last question is a bit kinky. Have you been to Bukkake Bliss Island? Yes… just for the shopping… (laughing) … the shopping is good. Getting laid there is certainly possible, but not guaranteed.

Note: Right now lag is horrible on the island. With 25 or so people there I’m getting frame rates of 7 to 9. I think it is a viewer issue for me. But, any place where people wear their genitals and the associated scripts, lag is a big problem. Also, render time is WAY up. The CDN process seems to be failing.

Facebook Hits Native Americans

Second Life residents are not the only ones that have problems with Facebook. If you have a Native American Indian name, Facebook doesn’t believe you. Kiss your alleged fake name account bye. This has been an ongoing problem since 2009. Hamlet provides more details: Facebook Reportedly Blocking Traditional Native American Names as “Not Real”.

Is this racist or just ignorant corporate stupidity? I believe the latter. But, it shows the all too common problem with large organizations of not being flexible enough to respond to individual needs.

Fukushima: Media vs Science

More and more often we are finding blatant examples the mainstream media lying to us. Whether it is to look good (Brian Williams) or to assassinate a personality to promote an agenda (Dan Rather) doesn’t matter. All that matters is our knowledge that we know once something is done, it is easier the second time and gets easier each time after. It is probable the exposed and documented cases of blatant lying in the media are just the tip of an iceberg.

So, is Fukushima a disaster or an opportunity for media hype? I thought Fukushima was pretty bad. But, a nuclear physicist thinks it isn’t. Check out his thinking: There was no Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Since cheap energy is needed by third world counties to lift billions of people out of poverty, how do we tell who is right? The media with a well defined financial interest? A physicist with a possible financial interest? And what is a Sievert or PBq (petabecquerel)? Can you tell who is right? There only millions of people living in poverty and millions of decisions pending that need us to make wise decisions…

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  1. To say there were no dead from radioactivity after Fukushima is a nonsense. It’s maybe useful to read this

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