Blender AvaStar Tutorials for Second Life

Gaia Clary has released a new PREVIEW tutorial on making non-human avatars: Non Human Character Rigging. I tried to embed the video. I couldn’t.

Don't Panic 2014

Don’t Panic 2014

It appears Gaia is moving toward paid for lessons and limiting where the video tutorials can appear. So, you’ll have to watch the video on Gaia’s site. There is more information on Gaia’s web page than is in the video.

Notice at the top of the of the page is a colored section with a link to purchase the full tutorial set for this course (US$25). I’m deciding if I’ll spring for the class. 

I think the lessons for a fee concept will push some to start making video tutorials again. However, the rate of change of Blender and AvaStar makes it difficult to keep video tutorials up to date. So, I can see why Gaia would need to charge for her work. We’ll have to watch and see how this works out.

You can find other AvaStar video tutorials on Vimeo here: Machinimatrix. And on YouTube here: Gaia Clary. Neither site has the newest video, or at least I could not find it.

4 thoughts on “Blender AvaStar Tutorials for Second Life

  1. Hi;
    The course is actually an in depth fundamental course. It is not meant to be an easy way to get non human characters into SL. It is meant as a knowledge source which should help users to understand some important aspects of rigging and skinning. And of course as always this course can only improve with user feedback 🙂

    The videos in the course are all served by Vimeo. But they can not be embedded outside of our Blog. this has 2 reasons:

    1: We want that users step into the text documents of the lessons. The videos are only seen as nice to have supplemental material. They are only of limited usage without the text part of the related lessons.

    2: Due to the paid content we have to take precaution that the videos will not be embedded elsewhere for free usage. The free lesson is advertising and we want that people pass by and hopefully decide to purchase the entire course.

    Please also note that we give a 7 days full money back warranty should the course not match a customer’s expectation.

    • Thank you for the additional information.

      Your tutorials have always been well made. I expect good things from these courses.

  2. i tried rigging the horse the quads but it never works out i watch you video 50 times some things are different in version.77 gia i dont mind paying for the class but if i cant get the bones rite to make a horse when i snap the amture to sl bones its all bent sideways i never touch the blue bones only ones in the tut the green ones in edit but snap rig and then go to pose its not ready for paint cause the bones are bent all over the place and yes i know there hidden bones..also why dont you just make a preset for quads in he next up date cause when bento bones come out no use for your $25 tuts cause them bones want work anymore so i dont want buy the course when new bones comming out that you can rig with better then sure you have tuts on that to but we
    dont get me wrong i love avastar product i can rig mesh clothes and humans easy and its a great progrham but you should offer a little more for the quad bones make a preset..cause not wanting to make avatar i want make a pet and animate it not a human avatar

    • With project Bento nearing completion lots of people will be making new tutorials.

      There are enough free tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use AvaStar as it is on v1.7. Builders Brewery has classes. Some other place have Blender AvaStar or plan Blender classes.

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