Second Life news 2014-41 #2


EXCITING NEWS! The HTTP Pipelining Viewer will be going to RC Viewer status as soon as it completes the Lab’s internal QA. Expect it SOON, but not this week. And expect some impressive changes. Monty Linden is calling this viewer the Drano Viewer.

Whirly Fizzle is in Europe and ran some tests. She cleared cache (between each test), and then logged in. With the standard non-pipelining viewer the 105k item inventory took some time to load.

Second Life 3.7.16 (294015) Sep 10 2014 11:08:26 (Second Life Release)

  • Session 1: 16 mins 28 secs
  • Session 2: 17 mins 53 secs
  • Session 3: 17 mins 18 secs
  • Session 4: 17 mins 51 secs

Then again clearing cache between each run and switching to the new pipelining viewer:

Second Life 3.7.17 (294571) Sep 26 2014 12:32:36 (Second Life Release)

  • Session 1: 2 mins 29 secs (I literally had a holy shit moment here lol = Whirly)
  • Session 2: 2 mins 17 secs
  • Session 3: 2 mins 11 secs
  • Session 4: 2 mins 27 secs

If you are measuring load time, you can get exact numbers from your viewer’s log file. Look for “LLInventoryModelFetchDescendentsResponder::httpSuccess: Inventory fetch completed” in older viewers. In the pipelining viewer look for 2014-10-08T23:00:22Z INFO: idle_startup:  Inventory and 2014-10-08T23:25:38Z INFO: LLInventoryModelFetchDescendentsResponder::httpSuccess: Inventory fetch completed

Maestro Linden says, “Another change in the drano viewer is that mesh fetches are no longer throttled to 100 meshes/second. This doesn’t help much in the non-CDN case, since the sim throttled mesh requests, but against the CDN, you can fetch at a much higher rate without the viewer-side throttle.”

Those people with ‘flat’ large inventories will not see as much benefit from the pipelining. A flat inventory is one that places most of the items in a single or very few folders. I should be in good shape. I have a lot of folders in my inventory.

I’m not sure, but I think a folder generates a request. The pipeline can handle multiple requests. So, you can have multiple streams of data flowing.

Possible Login Problem

There is a problem for those people that have broken inventories. I don’t really understand this problem. But, those that have a dozen or so trash folders and multiple duplicate system folders in inventory are likely to have problems logging in. If you have that problem with the RC Viewer, file a JIRA and provide logs and details.


The 3.7.17 and newer viewers have a fix for an Outfit folder problem. It seems people were arranging outfits into sub-folders in the My Outfits system folder. If somehow or for some reason one of those sub-folders was emptied it could cause inventory problems.

So, the drag and drop used to arrange those Outfit folders has been blocked. If you have been arranging your Outfits, you will find that is no longer possible.


The main channel was updated with the Skill Gaming region bug fix.

There is no RC server package ready, so the RC channels did not get a new package this week.

The Snack channel was restarted to provide it with the updates that went to the main channel. There are now about 270 regions in the Snack Channel. The Snack channel continues to run the CDN capable package.

To know if you’re in a Snack channel region, look in HELP->About… and look for the word Snack on the server version ID.

3 thoughts on “Second Life news 2014-41 #2

  1. Just for comparison: I am from europe and after a clear cache, my 65.000 inventory NEVER took more than 3 – 5 minutes to load.

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