Second Life News 2014-39


The deploys thread hasn’t posted as I write this. But, we know from last week’s meeting what was planned. If the Experience Tools update has run as expected, we will see it roll to the main channel. Maestro Linden did not say what may be coming to the RC channels. So, we’ll have to wait for the Deploys thread to post, probably late today.

Server Scripting UG - 2014-38

Server Scripting UG – 2014-38


The main viewer is: 3.7.16-294015. This version does not have the new user login screen. 

RC Viewers

I see a new RC Viewer is out: Login Viewer version As the name implies, this is the viewer with the new login screen. The other fixes in it are minimal:

  • NUI:Login screen
  • Duplicated IDs for XUI
  • Viewer crashes while opening Preferences

Project Viewers

Experience Tools Viewer version The release notes give us quite a bit of information.

Adds support for viewing and managing Experiences and for contributing content for Experiences.

  • New floater EXPERIENCES accessed via Me->Experiences… Each tab provides a link or a button to view the Experience profile. The tabs are:
    • SEARCH: Search for Experiences by name.
    • ALLOWED: Experiences you have opted-in to.
    • BLOCKED: Experiences you have blocked.
    • ADMIN: Experiences you are an admin of.
    • CONTRIBUTOR: Experiences you can contribute to.
    • OWNED: Experiences you own.
    • EVENTS: Recent actions Experiences have taken on your avatar.
  • New floater EXPERIENCE PROFILE which shows all the details about an Experience. Experience admins can also edit the Experience details through this floater. Residents can manage their opt-in status for the Experience as well:
    • Allow: All calls to llRequestExperiencePermissions by scripts associated with the Experience will succeed without any interaction on the part of the resident.
    • Forget: Calls to llRequestExperiencePermissions by scripts associated with the Experience will present a dialog asking for permission. Scripts which previously had permissions will keep them.
    • Block: Calls to llRequestExperiencePermissions by scripts associated with the Experience will fail without any interaction on the part of the resident. Additionally, scripts will lose permissions and a experience_permissions_denied event will be sent to scripts.
  • A new Experiences tab has been added to the REGION/ESTATE and ABOUT LAND floaters. Landowners can control which Experiences can run by adding them to the proper list:
    • Allowed: Experiences in this list can run. The content rating of the region will block Experiences with a higher content rating regardless of this setting.
    • Blocked: Experiences in this list cannot run. The blocked list for the Estate will override the Allow list for the parcel.
    • Trusted (Estate Only): In addition to being implicitly allowed, an Experience in the trusted list will allow residents which have opted-in to the Experience access to an estate which does not allow public access if they are not blocked for other reasons. If the Experience is Blocked/Forgotten while in the estate the resident will be teleported home.
  • The script editor has controls to associate a script with an Experience and to view the profile of the Experience a script is associated with. The controls are only enabled if the resident is an Experience Contributor.
  • The properties floater for a script has a link to the Experience it is associated with, if any.

 Oculus Rift Viewer version – Still DK1

VR Interesting

See: Army soldiers get a second life as avatars to help them become better leaders. Or see the source article the Army released: Avatar-based simulations to boost counseling skills.

It is not in Second Life™, but it is a virtual simulation.

Loki Watch

Loki Eliot has pre-announced his next new experience. He describes it as: …for the fifth I decided to help my bro in designing something that used all the latest building features, from mesh to materials and projector lighting.

See the details here: My latest Project is almost here #V5.

The opening is Monday the 22nd of September (Today – Monday). The new V5 Vortex will have a lineup of DJ’s and live performers running from 9am SLT to 6pm SLT.

I’ll try to get in, but I have a bunch to do today.

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