Second Life News 2014-24

Server Main Channel

There is no roll to the main channel this week. Last week the channel was re-rolled to fix a security issue that slipped through. But, there are no feature additions or changes.

RC Server Channels

Blue Steel was rolled to the same software as the main channel last Wednesday to fix the security issue mentioned above. This week the channel will get an updated version of the Inventory Update package. This is the AISv3 updated made as part of the Sunshine server side avatar baking project.

Le Tigre will get the Group Ban project with the security updates. 

Magnum will get the Experience Tools infrastructure update that was previously running on Magnum. And it too will have the security updates.

Basically these updates get us back to where we were last Wednesday.


Today the main viewer is 3.7.8-289922. I expect that to change some time this week.

RC Viewers

The RC Viewers have consolidated down to 2 versions. The Sunshine and Memory Leak packages were combined into a single MemShine version, now: MemShine Viewer version, which I am running. In general I like it. I see 30 to 90 FPS with this version unless I am in a crowd. Then it drops to single digits.

The SL Share Viewer version is still one of the RC viewers. This is the version that adds Twitter and Flicker to the social networkd we can post to. Plus it fixes the Flickr problems.

Project Viewers

The only project viewer showing today is: OculusRift Viewer version


At the Content and Mesh UG meeting some problems with materials came up. Some people are seeing materials with specular maps displaying some odd problems. Unfortunately no one has been filing JIRA reports on the problems.

One obvious problem I think most would find highly annoying is that prims butted up against each other show a definite seam when the materials should blend seamlessly. If you are seeing these problems file JIRA bug reports.


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