Oculus Rumors 2014-22

Engadget originally reported that Samsung was racing with Oculus Rift to market a gaming VR headset first. Now the rumor has shifted. Samsung wants Oculus tech for media display not gaming and is apparently willing to give Oculus first priority on their high-definition display screens.

This seems to make lots of sense as Oculus was/is having a problem getting parts. Enough so that they delayed the release of the Oculus Rift DK2.

For more details see Road to VR: News Bits: Samsung Partners with Oculus on New ‘Media Focussed’ VR Headset?

2 thoughts on “Oculus Rumors 2014-22

  1. This is a good technology swap deal for Samsung. Oculus gains access to Samsung’s OLED tech in return for them getting early access to Oculus’s mobile software development kit. This will then be used in their own VR product – likely to be based around a future Galaxy or Note product for mobile gaming as well as media. They already have a dominant position in the Android handset market and they want something that Apple doesn’t, to attract even more customers. Whatever happens it looks like an exciting time ahead.

    • Actually I think it is Samsung’s AMOLED which is a step past OLED. I haven’t seen anything about anyone else making screens that can update the displayed images as fast as Samsung’s.

      This is a good deal for both Oculus and Samsung, if it is true.

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