Second life News 2014-11


The main grid did get a roll out this morning.  The package was previously running on Blue Steel and Le Tigre. It is a maintenance upgrade with bug fixes.

Furniture Shopping

Furniture Shopping

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug in which the server release notes link in “About Second Life” would sometimes fail to appear
    • Fixed a bug in which certain objects had incorrect status when crossing between regions
    • Fixed a crash mode

RC Channels

The RC code running on Magnum will now run on all three channels. This is the Sunshine RC with the AISv3 code that improves how inventory works adding reliability and stall prevention. It is considered additional work in the Bake Fail or Server Side Appearance project.

To test this feature you need to use the which is somewhat like the old beta version viewers. Baker said it is a bit buggy Group Ban-wise. But, it is certainly good enough for these Group Bans.


The SL Viewer showing on the main download page is: 3.7.3 (287491) Mar  4 2014. We may not see that update for another week. But, it could update sooner.

I am mostly using this version. I am seeing some great frame rates (40-60 FPS). But, in some regions that seem to have well performing servers I am also seeing some horrible FPS rates. I have yet to be able to figure out why.

RC Viewers

We still have 5 RC Viewers showing.

Hotfix Viewer version – this version has a fix for a suspected thread race crasher in the fmodex library. If you are having sound problems this is a viewer to try.

Interesting Viewer version – There is nothing new in this one. It is the one that takes advantages of server side changes to render regions faster and improve caching.

 MerchantOutbox Viewer version – This has a fix for some Direct Delivery problems.

 Sunshine Viewer version – This viewer uses the new AISv3 changes to be running on all three server RC channels by late Wednesday morning. If you are having avatar render problems this is the version to try.

Voice Viewer version – This version has the new Vivox code running. If you have been having voice chat problems, this is the viewer to try.

Project Viewers

Project Zipper Viewer version – This is the fast install viewer.

Firestorm Viewer

No formal word on the Firestorm release that is pending. I was thinking they hoped to have it released early this month. I suspect we will learn more in the TPV Dev’s Meeting Friday, which I won’t get to until Monday. I have another busy weekend planned.

Group Bans

We got a little new information about Group Bans. They are moving forward. After last week’s testing some bugs were found. Baker Linden related the following: (consider it paraphrased, I added words here and there to make sentences.)

Group Bans are live on some regions of ADITI! Morris is a known spot to test.

There are some known issues, mainly revolving around not having it deployed grid-wide.

You’ll need a dev viewer (which is a bit buggy with group bans), so please forgive the few issues that are present [in the viewer]. I’m working on fixing those.

Please feel free to download the viewer, get on ADITI, and break the crap out of it. We’ll probably have another round of tests during the Server Beta User Group. That’s in Morris, from 3-4 SLT [Thrusday].

Because [it’s Group Bans are] server-enforced, [people can get around the ban if]  they can if they go to another region without the group ban code though. That’s the main issue that exists now that won’t once it’s deployed grid-wide.

 Whirly Fizzle: Will the server changes for group ban be grid wide before the banz viewer is an RC? Otherwise the bans won’t work properly if not all regions are on it.

 Baker Linden: I’ve sort-of planned it so that will happen, Whirly. I’m planning on having a RC viewer once it’s grid-wide on AGNI. Until then, it’ll be just a dev viewer with a direct download link.

It is looking like we are only weeks away from the Group Ban feature rolling out. That will make lots of people happy.

To test you need the Dev Viewer. This is not an RC viewer, so you need this link to get the viewer.


New Griefer Thing

Rex Cronon: well. a new “weapon” has shown up…you tp to a sim and you are pushed over 3km high  and it seems impossible to return to ground level because the scripts are disabled with “the bomb” and the sim is filled too.  You can’t rez anything so unless you have a “special” viewer you are stuck high.

If you run into this, report it.

Magnum Sandbox 2 was griefed this morning. Eventually it will be restarted and cleaned up. Or they may wait until the planned restart tomorrow, Wednesday.

Group Status & Roles Update

It seems there is an odd update problem for groups. When your role is changed, that update is often not effective until you relog. But, some use a work around to avoid a relog. They send a new group invite. Joining the group again updates your role. I never knew that…

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