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Inara Pey has an article up titled: The Verge: an astute look into Second Life. Inara is discussing the article and pointing out its highlights. The article was written by Chris Stokel-Walker, have no clue who Chris is. But, Inara points out and I agree it is a well written article fair to Second Life. If you want to show someone what Second Life is about this is a good article to point them to. See: Second Life’s Strange Second Life.

The Verge (the blog publishing the article) seems to be a tech news blog or may be more accurately a techie’s news blog. I haven’t seen it before but it does look interesting. They do some fun stuff with the images in the article.

I find it interesting that Caliandris Pendragon came from the Myst games. She started with Riven advanced to Myst Online: Uru Live (MOUL). She came to Second Life when Uru closed the first time in 2004. I have a similar background. But, I came when Uru closed the second time in 2008.

There are two or three groups that players from the Myst games hang out in. The group I prefer is the D’ni Refugees. They do karaoke and have lots of parties.

I find the article amazingly well-balanced. Check it out.



3 thoughts on “Good Coverage of Second Life

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Chris is a UK freelancer & did what few journos are prepared (or feel they have the time) to do – approach the platform with an open mind and make an effort to get in-world for more than 10 minutes. Full kudos to him for doing so.

    I gather he is, if not hooked, then certainly engaged in SL and is looking forward to trying-out an Oculus Rift headest in-world.

  2. I read that last night but my iPad kept crashing from the graphics, at the time there were 194 comments – 75% on the graphics used in the article which as you said, was a fair assessment.

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