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Well, yesterday September 25, the Lab announced Second Life Share. This is the feature that allows us to easily share stuff from Second Life on Facebook. It’s an opt-in thing.

You can find the announcement here: Introducing SLShare, an Easy Way to Share to Facebook While Inworld.

Torley Linden has a new video out to show you how to use SL Share.

Torley’s pink and green is definitely muted in this video. But, I think it gives you a good idea of what the Lab is after with this feature. They are adding links to the Facebook posts so that people will be lead directly into Second Life. They will be landing on the maps page. If they are curious they will be downloading the viewer and trying to get in.

So, the Lab has lots of great ideas for getting people to Second Life. But, I’m not sure I’ve seen any improvement of what to do with them after they get in. Maybe our posts on Facebook will give people a clue.

An interesting thing in the announcement is that not everyone will have this feature available. I suspecedt that those that are running RC viewers would have the feature first. Sure enough, there is an Alternate Viewer named: Second Life Share Viewer 3.6.7 – 281331. I’m in the Maintenance Viewer, so I’m not going to be seeing the feature just yet. I suppose I could install that over the top of my Maintenance viewer. But I’m not that excited about the feature. I’ll check it later.

I am curious if they will do something with Google+/Circles.

For those that are worried about privacy, obviously they will NOT be connecting their SL account to Facebook. But, those of us with avatars that have Facebook accounts there is less risk. Be sides NSA has all this already. There is rude cartoon going around about Nixon (R) bugging two buildings and getting impeached. Obama (D) bugged everyone and people still like him… go figure.

Even the Lindens don’t know which of these RC viewers is going to promote next. Also, the lindens are pacing the viewer rollouts. Rolling viewers out too fast upsets to users and the Lab gets a bunch of complaints. So, it’s going to be really hard to figure out when this feature will reach the main viewer. But, I’m guessing a couple of weeks at most.

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