Second Life JIRA SUN-99

Since the JIRA is closed to most users browsing the contents it is hard to know what is happening with Second LifeTM bugs. Nor can we easily keep up on bug changes. The SUN-99 problem is hard to explain. So, I’ve tried some of the JIRA’s options to get a copy of the SUN-99 JIRA report.

I have it in a Word Doc file. You can download it here: SUN-99


4 thoughts on “Second Life JIRA SUN-99

  1. Everyone can open the JIRA report SUN-99, even if not logged-in with an SL account. I’ve tried several SUN numbers. They all seem to be open for everyone.

    • Yay! It is hard for me to know which are closed. Thanks for checking and saying something.

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