Second Life News 2013-29 #3

Not much new. The Lindens usually providing us information are either on vacation or tied up getting their projects out.

Group Bans

Baker Linden hasn’t been around the meetings lately, at least ot the ones I’ve made it to. Simon says he is working the UI for Group Bans. So, there is progress. It is hard to know if the UI work is at the end of the process or early in the process and needed for testing. So, no ETA.


The Linden Lab Official: Viewer Source Repositories page of the wiki has been updated. I see the term ‘default cohort viewer’ appearing now. The page states, “The default cohort viewer here is the default [viewer] provided by the downloads page. The other cohorts are candidates being evaluated to be the next default; all are believed to be stable.”

The current version of the default SL Viewer is 3.6.1-278007.

The current Beta version is: 3.6.2-278602. 

Beta Viewers

The new viewer pipeline only has one cohort inline to be the default SL Viewer. Second Life Beta Viewer 3.6.2-278491.

Project Viewers

Project Snowstorm

Version 3.5.1-272737. This is a collection of open source contributions that have been integrated for future release.

Project Cocoa

Version 3.6.1-278025. This is an Apple version of the viewer.

Project Materials

Version 3.6.2-278282. This version has updates and fixes for materials support.

Project CHUI

Version 3.6.2-278372. This is the Communications Hub UI Project Viewer. It is hard to tell where this viewer is in the process.

Project Experience

This viewer is supposed to be the one that has the new Experience Tools. It appears and disappears from the repository list. We’ll see it when it is ready.


The labels on the Viewer Repository page that I’ve listed above do not match well with the Alternate Viewer names. But, you can sort of figure it out and probably get the viewer you are interested in.

I expect the two pages will come more in sync as time passes.

Update: Check the comments for more information.

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