Firestorm Releases 4.4.1

About 21 hours ago the Firestorm blog announced the release of Firestorm Viewer version 4.4.1-34164. From the teams point of view this is a MUST UPDATE TO release. If you are running the newest version of Firestorm 4.4.0, you STILL need to update to the new viewer.

Firestorm Viewer 4.4.1

Firestorm Viewer 4.4.1

A number of users have reported problems with the 4.4.0 viewer that have kept them from using it. The team has made every effort they could in the time frame available to fix problem discovered in 4.4.0. They believe they have fixed the majority of problems blocking use of 4.4.0. So, 4.4.1 should work for you.

We already know it is not working for everyone, at least I know that from watching the Firestorm Support group chat. But, get the viewer and try it. Report any problems and file Firestorm JIRA’s to help get things fixed. You are going to need this viewer working very soon now.

Remember. There are two versions of the viewer. One for Second Life that has Navmesh render (Havoc code) and one for OpenSim grids without Havok. If you work with Pathfinding you need the Havok version. Otherwise go for the OpenSim version.

The download links are here.

The reason this is a MUST DO is because of Server Side Appearance (SSA baking). Nyx Linden… or maybe I should say, The Lab has said they plan to roll SSA out on July 9th. The week of June 30 (27th week) to July 6 is a no change week because of America’s July 4th holiday. There will be no server rollouts that week and probably no new viewer rollouts either.

So, we’ll see things happening the week after the holiday. One of those things will be SSA rolling out. This date is not carved into a mountain. It could change. If problems are found or any hiccups, then the date will slide back.

Originally we were thinking this would roll out in February or March. We are now looking at July. So, don’t be surprised if there is a change. However, DO NOT count on it being delayed. Get your viewer updated now.

This install of Firestorm is said to require a clean install. See Second Life Clean Install for ideas on how to handle a clean install and some of the gotchas most of the clean install directions omit.

Of course, I did not do a clean install. BUT and this is a BIG BUTT, I would be too embarrassed to ask FS Support for help without first doing a clean install. So… try this at YOUR risk. I just installed and used the viewer. It seems to work fine for me. If you try it, based on my experience, and your viewer melts… well… you are screwed. Don’t go crying to FS Support, do a clean install… and don’t call me. I’m telling you to do a clean install and including what worked for me.

I do have problems with the Destination Panel never loading… I will eventually try a clean install.

I have been in a dance party and not had any problems… so… still a bit early for me to know, but the viewer looks good to me.

New Stuff

There is a bunch of new stuff and fixes:

  • RLVa got an update. (1.48a)
  • Skin and font updates – Dyslexic fonts were updated too.
  • Vignette controls added to Phototools – World → Photo & Video → Phototools → Gen tab → Vignette Amount, Vignette Power, Vignette Multiply.
  • A fix was added for super-large images not filling the frame completely.
  • Clicking the Copy Keys button on the build tool will now only copy the object’s root key.
  • Copy Keys will now allow copying of individual prim keys in an object when Edit Linked is selected
  • Added option to choose the default save format for textures.
  • New Advanced Scripting IDE
  • Changed so that if the user hasn’t set an external script editor, editing falls back to the system generic file opener… I think they mean the viewer’s default script editor.
  • Syntax highlighting of LSL preprocessor keywords now works.
  • Added LSL editor support for new and previously missing content type constants, eg: CONTENT_TYPE_TEXT text/plain
  • They added missing LSL editor constants for llGetObjectDetails
  • Updated script permission dialog questions and synchronized with Viewer 3
  • Added LSL script editor support for the new json functions and constants
  • Added missing strings for avatar script info (neck and avatar center attachment spots).
  • Firestorm now has Cookies!
  • New custom color options
  • Added separate opacity controls for console and nametags/bubble chat

…OK just look at the release notes: 4.4.1 Release Notes.

2 thoughts on “Firestorm Releases 4.4.1

    • I used it for a couple of hours at a dance and didn’t crash.

      With Firestorm each version is better. Some versions have more bugs than other versions. But, that is always a temporary thing.

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