Digg Reader Beta Released

Tech Crunch has an article about the Digg Reader. Google Reader shuts down next week. So, there will likely be a bunch of people surprised that their reader doesn’t work. They will be searching for a replacement. Digg is a candidate.

See the article here: Digg Reader Is Now Open.

Digg Reader targets power users. It supposedly takes a bit of work to set up feed, or so I read. I have yet to try it.

Digg Reader rollout information. Seems it is by invite only at this point.

In the information they are promising SEARCH. I’ve been using Feedly and I really miss the search that was in Google Reader. So, I will be trying the Digg Reader.

Not all is rosy. Read: Promising, But Still Incomplete. This article gets into the changes coming to Digg since Betaworks bought them. It also gets into the actual working of the reader. Check it out.

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