Second Life News 2013-21

There was no roll to the main channel this week. The grids did restart. I’m not sure why. Well, some that I was on Tuesday morning were restarting.

I have no idea where this is...

I have no idea where this is…

RC Channels

This week we have 3, I hope, packages running in the RC channels.

Blue Steel
This channel is running a revised Experience Tools package, still nothing to see. No new information about the tools or the server changes. 

Le Tigre
We don’t know what it will get. The Lindens are trying to get a package ready for this channel. But, they aren’t sure they will make it.

This will be an updated version of the package that ran last week on all three RC channels. This is the package with the JSON functions. BUG-2594 and BUG-2612 are fixed. So, functions now correctly escape certain characters when importing strings to JSON and unescape when exporting. Also, functions now correctly quote key names in returned JSON strings.

These changes should make JSON usable. I’m still fuzzy on the array stuff.

Baker Fixes

Baker Linden is still working on leading and trailing spaces in names. He says, “I’m making really great progress on fixing leading/trailing spaces in display names — fixing up some unit tests and I have a couple more little issues related to it, but overall it should be ready for QA this week. After that, I’ll be finishing up the last couple issues I’ve assigned to myself concerning name searching and proper removal of muted agents / objects in mute lists.

That’s good news. After those fixes he will return to work on Group Bans.

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