Lab Makes L$ Exchange Announcement

There is a new post on the Second Life™ blog announcing: More Options for Buying Linden Dollars.


With a credit card, you can purchase L$ on the LindeX using 27 different currencies, including EUR, GBP, JPY, and AUD. If you don’t have a credit card, you can also use PayPal, which can be connected directly to a bank account in more than 193 countries and regions.

OK… most of us know that. Then they go to say:

Now, to give users more options and make it easier to purchase L$, we’re launching a pilot program of Authorized Resellers of L$. These sites are authorized by Linden Lab to purchase L$ on the LindeX and then resell those L$ using a variety of international currencies and payment methods. To be clear: per the Terms of Service, these resellers will not be allowed to purchase L$ outside of the LindeX (i.e. they will not be able to buy L$ back from users and cash people out). The list of Authorized Resellers participating in the pilot program is available here.

They also acknowledge there is a problem with cash out time via the LindeX saying:

We know that users are also concerned about the length of the LindeX’s cashout process and the limited choice of currencies when selling L$. We’re currently investigating ways to improve that experience for users while still providing superior fraud protections, and hope to hasten the cash out process and offer new currency options in the future.

So, something is at least in the works. I expect to hear more as the day wears on.

3 thoughts on “Lab Makes L$ Exchange Announcement

  1. Only with PayPal? To get payment info on file they requires a credit card among the PayPal account. They say “is PayPal qho is requestion the credit card” but this isnt completely true. There are several site that to prevent fraud or whatever, they also ask for credit cards but others doenst. So is on LL to ask or not for credit card at time of using PayPal.

    This was very frustrating because not everyone can have a credit card (which is also another cost) and generated a lot of problems for those who just wanted upload meshes.

    I hope they really go back to just require a PayPal verified account with a RL bank account and not a credit card number since is stupid an dredundant to ask for credit card when you selected PayPal method instead of credit card lol.

    • RL bank accounts usually have the option to use a Debit Card, which behaves like a credit card. Does that not work?

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