Kokua Viewer Gets CHUI

Development on the Kokua Viewer, Imprudence’s replacement, doesn’t get much coverage from me. I do have hopes for great things from it. But, Aurora Sim and Kokua seem to have fallen out of favor.

However, they are still making news. Timothy Rogers has a good article on Hypergrid Business about 10 Reasons to NOT Give Up on Aurora-Sim. And Kokua Viewer has added in code for the new CHUI (Chat Hub User Interface).

Today the Kokua Team announced:

Merge of Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is complete and made available for testing. This is an experimental viewer so, please review our testing best practices here. Please give this viewer as much use as possible with attention to recently added client AO and windlight capabilities. Also, regression testing of media and sound streaming is needed. Likes and dislikes can be reported in the comments to this post. Bugs need to be reported in our redmine bug tracker. Downloads are on bitbucket.

One thought on “Kokua Viewer Gets CHUI

  1. Nicky first posted a CHUI-enabled version of Kukua on Jan 24th. Good to see they are making further progress. Will have to take a look at the updates.

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