RedPoly and Mesh Upload

Redpoly has a new tutorial video out. It is for the people buying mesh clothing kits that plan to sell the clothes made from the kit. Check it out and then I’ll explain why the kits are sold in such a complex way.

Creators making mesh clothes and uploading their model are shown as the creator in the objects’ properties in-world. But, if you buy a mesh kit, usually a mesh object and template files, the creator that uploaded the mesh object shows as the creator. This kit misnaming creates problems for everyone.

In the content meeting there has been discussion of solving the problem by adding a name field for last transferee. So, if you transferred something to another person, you would show as the APPARENT creator. That has some problems too. But, most agree it would be better than what we have today.

If they make some change like that, the original uploader of the mesh object would still be listed as the original creator or something like that. That allows the Lab a chance to deal with the DMCA issues. That creator would be hidden from the basic user in some way once the object is transferred to another avatar.

For now we don’t have that ability to change creator names, so if you sell mesh objects you upload for resale, you get a lots of support requests and end customer complaints that are not your responsibility. So, Redpoly and some others sell the Collada files so their customers can upload the mesh object into SL and have the customer’s name show as creator rather than the kit creator’s name showing.

Anyway I think they did pretty with the video.

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