I suppose most of my readers know about Flatterbots. These are automated avatars that run an AI program to carry on a conversation. They basically flatter you while they beg.

There is an interview with the person behind the bots on: Every Second Man. See: The Mind Behind the Scam.

2 thoughts on “Flatterbots

  1. Interesting! I’ve never even heard about this. This dude would make more money if he just made a programable bot for merchant’s info, or for info in general.

    • Indeed. Anyway this isnt too different than people that leave female avatars on poledancers getting money from people that visits those clubs.

      If someone asks you for money, and you give money to him/her, is up to you. You dont need to give anything if you dont want to. If the story is real or if there is a person behind that avatar, doesnt change too much the situation.

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