#SL News 2 Week 43

ADITI Problems

Long ago… well, several weeks now, there were major problems encountered when one changed their password and then tried to log into ADITI, the beta/preview grid. That was thought to be fixed and it sort of was. But, people still run into the problem.

The problem encountered is after a password change inventory refuses to work correctly in ADITI. New stuff in inventory disappears when you log off. Things recently added to your AGNI inventory prior to the password change will not rez in ADITI. The inventory copy from AGNI to ADITI seems to mess up in some odd way.

Oskar’s ADITI Server Beta Group

The fix is to start changing your password until the problem corrects. Change your password and wait 48 hours. When you log into ADITI things will be fixed… if you are lucky. If not, repeat until the magic fairy blesses your account.

This is one of those problems for which not being able to read the JIRA creates a hardship for uses and the Lab fails to get the information a fix is needed.

Keeping to Scale

More Third Party Developers are moving toward making Second Life more to-scale. Firestorm is adding easier camera presets.

Dolphin Viewer developer Lance Corrimal has corrected the height values in the appearance editor.  In Dolphin 3 Viewer the height with and without shoes should read correctly.

I expect that change to start spreading through viewers and eventually make it into the SL Viewer.

Interest List

Andrew Linden is still working on the Interest List changes. They are in testing in Ahern, ADITI.

He says he is working a bug where some linked sets don’t all show up… or have missing child prims. He is also starting to doubt there will be any significant performance improvement. The code will be much cleaner, but so far he is not seeing the performance improvement he was hoping for.

Sudden Lag Problem

This is still with us. Toysoldier Thor is still poking Andrew, Simon, and Oskar Linden about the problem. If you are an event manager or know event managers, get to the Server-Scripting meetings and add your information to the ongoing thread on the problem. See: Increase in Instant SIM LAG & Crashes During Larger Events – Network Source?

Look at posts M7953, M8030, and  M8038 to see images of the Viewer Statistics panel showing the odd region performance data.

Simon Linden has said they are working on the problem and the code coming out in week 44 will have some fixes and changes to address the problem.

Andrew said in regard, “We’ll see what happens on Magnum. We think we made an improvement there, but we know that not all [the problem] modes are closed. We’re still working on the various causes.

VLM = Virtual Landmarks

These remain on the: Features That Would Be Nice To Have List. So, we have no idea when any work will be done on the feature.

Attachments in Notices

If you haven’t noticed… these still remain a problem. Attachments in notices seem to time out after a time. Notecards won’t open and teleports won’t teleport. We have to go into the group and find the announcement to get a note card or LM that will open or work.

Script Permission Window

This is a new feature that is being talked about. The server side has been rolled out to a release candidate channel.

Thanks to a newly added capability the simulator can now report information about script permissions granted to objects within a region. A future viewer update will use this.

There will be a new window that lists objects in the region that have been granted permissions by you. So you can find anything that has animate permissions, for example.

Simon says, “…it’s in the backlog of changes we have waiting for the current beta to get out the door.”

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